Veteran handicapper CHARLES JAY finished a very successful opening Sunday in his “Bet the Board Challenge” against the world-renowned sportsbook at BetAnySports. Well, “very successful” might not be sufficient enough to describe it.

Jay placed fifteen wagers in this unique competition through the end of action on Sunday, registering a record of 12-1-2 against the NFL odds that were posted. In the process, he increased his “bankroll” by 31%. He lost only with the New Orleans Saints, as they were defeated in the final moments by the Oakland Raiders.

The Charles Jay Bet the Board Challenge is a simulation in which he must, at the very least, place a bet on every NFL game that is played every week, whether that is a pointspread, total or money line play. Beyond that, he can also do whatever he deems necessary. He uses “reduced juice,” a special feature at BetAnySports in which customers are able to lay less of a “vig” than usual, which creates more value.

Obviously, wagering on every game is not something that is normally recommended for the judicious sports bettor. But Jay does not back down from a challenge, and his primary objective is to come out ahead, which is difficult enough within such parameters (which also include a 1-4 bet spread). But with such a fast start, he has high hopes to finish with a minimum of 50% increase in bankroll.

“This is something I am really looking forward to,” he says. “I have ramped up the intensity level, and of course I realize there are going to be highs and lows over the course of an NFL season. But along the way, I’ll show people that discipline and money management can work over the long haul.”

This kind of challenge atmosphere is nothing new to Jay, whose company is one of the leading providers of content to sports/gaming-related websites. For the last three seasons he has engaged in a “Bet the Board” competition through March Madness, placing a simulated wager on every game played in all four basketball tournaments – NCAA, NIT, CIT and CBI. He came out ahead the first year, failed the next, and then succeeded this past season, using only a money line (the odds on which team will win straight-up).

An avid WagerSport competitor, he also has a head-to-head all-sports challenge with another establishment – America’s Bookie – in which he is ahead $4125 after the first Sunday of NFL play. And he looks forward to a major world-class competition, with the BetDNA Invitational Handicapping Championship gets underway soon.