NBA Finals – Game 6

(America’s Bookie Line: Cavaliers -2, Total 207.5) — It certainly would not be inconceivable that the Cavaliers could even up this series, on their home floor, with the Warriors missing Andrew Bogut, who has blocked ten shots in 60 minutes of action. After all, both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving went off for 41 points in Game 5, and the Cavs accomplished a rare victory in Oakland. But now the Warriors are bringing back Draymond Green, and as much as we thought his absence was going to hurt them the other night, we feel his presence is going to be of great help. Green protects the rim better than Bogut because he is active; he is also one of those rare players who can guard anyone on the other team, so he can make up for everyone’s mistakes. LeBron was just 9 of 28 outside the paint in the first four game largely because of Green, and if you look you’ll see that a “small” G-State configuration with Green at center has been able to outscore Cleveland by 51 points in the series, while having “pure” centers on the floor has been an impediment. With Kevin Love and Irving out there, the Cavs are just as handicapped on defense as ever, and Green, as a playmaker (over seven assists per game for the season) will help Steph Curry and Klay Thompson get better looks. Remember that the Cavs won Game 5 essentially with a two-man game, as James and Irving took 54 of the 83 shots (65%). And there were assists on only 15 of 44 baskets (34%), and no team that has scored 110 points or more in a Finals game has had that low a percentage in 50 years. The point we make is that isolation will not get it done against a G-State defense with Green out there. But considering the personalities of the Cavs’ two stars, and the fact that they succeeded in that road win, we wonder if we are going to see anything else.

PLAY BY JAY: GOLDEN STATE +2 and/or +110 (ML) ****

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