NBA Betting: East Finals – Game 1: TORONTO RAPTORS at CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (5/17)


East Finals – Game 1

(America’s Bookie Line: Cavs -11, Total 201) — You obviously have to respect the three-point deluge that the Cavaliers have brought upon the Atlanta Hawks and before that, the Detroit Pistons, in the playoffs. They have hit 46.2%, and that has helped open things up or LeBron James, who has more points in the paint then anyone else in this post-season. But remember that Cleveland was just 36.2% in the regular campaign, and you have to wonder whether they can come back from yet another long layoff (eight full days this time) and be super-hot from the field. Toronto is banged-up (Jonas Valanciunas is out again), but the Raptors have overcome bad shooting from their All-Star guards, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, to win two seven-game series. The Cavs are compromised from the standpoint of “rim protection” when they have Kevin Love in there as a center, and these Toronto guards attack the basket as a duo as much as anyone has in this post-season. Keep in mind that even though Cleveland did shoot 50% from the arc in the three meetings against Toronto (highest for them and vs. Toronto against any opponent), the Raptors were also 50% against THEM. Some of these small factors may be just enough to slip inside this very big number, as everyone is piling high on Cleveland.


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