Football Betting: OAKLAND RAIDERS at DETROIT LIONS (11/22)

PRO FOOTBALL — November 22

(America’s Bookie Line: Raiders -1, Total 49.5) — You could look at the Lions’ situation in one of two ways. Perhaps it is still in a period of upheaval, with assistant coaches and executives having been recently let go. Or, maybe they got a lot of things straightened out during the bye week. Somehow, they were able to be Green Bay for the first time in 24 years last weekend, so they must be doing something right. In this particular instance, shootout conditions might prevail, as Matthew Stafford may have gotten some protection issues ironed out with his offensive line (after all, they replaced the offensive line coach). Derek Carr is cruising along with a ratio of 21 touchdowns to just six interceptions, and he has something Detroit doesn’t really have, which is a rushing component, in the person of Latavius Murray. Between these two teams, they have allowed a little more than six yards per play on the defensive end.

PLAY BY JAY: OVER 49.5 ***

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