Sunday Night NFL Betting: DENVER BRONCOS at DETROIT LIONS (9/27)

PRO FOOTBALL — September 27

(America’s Bookie Line: Broncos -3, Total 44) — We know that when Peyton Manning had that rhythm going with the no-huddle offense last week, he looked really comfortable. But we don’t expect that coach Gary Kubiak will completely overhaul his plan for this offense. Of course, they aren’t working out all that well, as the Broncos have fewer yards than anybody, and their 3.9 yards per play is actually kind of shameful. Granted, there are some questions as to whether the Lions can put the stops on him, but they should be able to exert a little pressure, and Manning has taken seven sacks already. And the old guy’s arm isn’t what it used to be. But the Denver defense has slammed the door shut for the most part, holding opponents to 10% on third down! They would appear capable of making the Lions one-dimensional (likely taking the run away), which makes the task more difficult for Matthew Stafford, even with his talented pair of wide receivers (Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate).


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